Effective Recovery & Collection of Funds for Businesses

A high amount of the business’s losses and bad investments are contributed by unrecovered loans, bills, and cash. This is a common story of any company which is striving to do some good business in the market, and is struggling with recovering a part of their much needed revenue from consumers who already used the facilities.

Brennan & Clark Ltd. is the recovery and collection agency establishment in the market since 1980, who knows these problems of businesses, and believes in timely and effective recovery of the cash to pull out businesses out of losses.

Recovery Agency to Understands the Concerns of Businesses

The president of the recovery firm, Mrs. Meg Scotty understands the importance of timely recovery of funds deeply, and believes that businesses must get their funds recovered in order to sustain.

With this belief, and with a host of trained staffs who are highly experienced in collection and recovery, they have been designing and implementing the best recovery programs for companies and businesses in Illinois.

Working in greater Chicago area, the company has a recovery rate if 54% compared to other agencies with recovery rates of 25% only. This has been possible because of the highly trained and experienced staff of the company.

Experienced Staff of the Group

Most of the experienced staffs of Brennan and Clark Ltd. are experienced in this field for more than 3 decades. This is one strong point of reliability which have been building their reputation, and also presenting them as one of the most reliable names in recovery agencies.

Moreover they are also associated with the Commercial Collection Agency association, which puts forward the fact that they are registered, working, and knows and understands pretty well the norms and code of conduct in this domain.

The currently working team of the recovery firm is bonded together for more than a decade, thus giving in excellent output in recovery.

Moneyback Guarantee

The confidence in the recovery and collection system of Brennan & Clark Ltd. has been raised to such heights by their continuous success that now they offer money back guarantee to their clients in case the clients are not satisfied with their services.

With this Mrs. Scott also presses on the fact that clients must see recovery of funds within the first 5 days of their enrollment to the firm.

Continuous Efforts

Keeping in mind the prime importance timely collection of funds for their clients, the staff of Brennan & Clark Ltd takes special care in sending late payment notices through faxes and letters, making collection and recovery calls etc.

Together with this they have a legal advisory wing should any client need some help in any case or need to file litigation.

The Training Program

Brennan and Clark group is also offering training programs for beginners to learn recovery and collection systems and programs. They also try and learn new techniques and implement them, and spread them on success. Hence they are also a great source to get trained in recovery attempts and collection calls.